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I Have Retired.  I have put my methods in book form


'Best Therapies for Self Help and Counselling'

This is my way to continue to help people after my retirement using the techniques I have found most useful clinically over the years.  You can find the book on Amazon for $NZ5.77, or less if being promoted. (search for (B08GK98DDW)  It is an easy to read self help book with detailed instructions on how to get your body and mind in order by learning to breathe well, relax, and overcome traumatic experiences. There is also lots of information on sleep, self care, stress, communicating well, relationships, anger management, addiction, positive thinking.  If you have anxiety, depression, stress symptoms, or other psychological issues, you will find plenty of inspiration for change in this book.

People who have read it have found it useful and their comments are in the Amazon description.

I would very much appreciate it if you could review the book on Amazon once you have read it.  These reviews make the book more visible in searches and can help more people when they learn how useful the book is.  I enjoy reading reviews and learning from them.

If you would some help with the techniques described, I can organise a Zoom meeting.  please contact me on

(64+) 0210554897

My name is Fran Lowe and I am a psychologist with a particular interest in both biofeedback and hypnosis and I have additional qualifications in these areas and others.

I have considerable experience in walking alongside those with addictions, depression, anxiety, relationship problems, personality issues and other issues that arise from impaired mental health and childhood or adult trauma and abuse.

I would like to share with you some feedback from clients, with their permission:

"Thank you for your help. I don't think words can really describe how thankful I am." Alexis D

You are an asset to the community." Judy B

"I don't know where I would be today or what state I'd be in without having had your help. I will be forever grateful." Emma T

"Thank you for all that you have done for me.  You have taught me how to find myself.  You are an amazing lady and special."  Vicky M

"The service was incredible.  Thank you Fran, the progress I feel now is wonderful.  I am to continue with my new life." Residential treatment addiction client.for everything you have done for me in the last six months.  I don't know where ai would be today or what state I'd be in without having had your help.  I will be forever grateful."  E

Topical Articles

The Human Givens or Emotional Needs Audit

This article focuses on a way of determining what underlies depression and anxiety. What emotional needs are not being met. It is surprising how just knowing what is missing in your life can lead you to make some quite dramatic positive changes. It can also show important people in your life what your needs are which can improve relationships. Have a look at how you score on this scale. Any score of 3/7 or less indicates an area that you need to address to improve your situation.

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Self Help Book now available

Go to and search for B08GK98DDW Best Therapies for Self Help and Counselling This book is a collection of the best therapies the author has encountered in her career as a psychologist. Using a overall mind/body approach, the content covers therapy solutions which, in 1-4 sessions, can improve stress symptoms, depression, anxiety, anger, trauma, relationships, health, habits, self care, addiction, crisis management, happiness and more. All of the tools are readily available in other publications, however here they are collected together in one place. Many of the therapies are adaptations of the tools based on the author's experience. To improve the book's readability, there is a minimum of theoretical background which can be found elsewhere. The book includes links to books, research and websites if the reader wants to explore a topic further. There are frequent links to different parts of the book to cross reference information.

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