Counselling Services

Employee Assistance

Businesses and Corporations can use my services to assist their employees through difficult times.  This may include: change in the work place, conflict with co-workers, dismissal, bullying, increased workload/stress, or a personal crisis, such as relationship breakup, death in the family, children's behaviour, financial worries, addiction, injury, long term health problems such as chronic pain, asthma, digestive problems not responsive to medical intervention.

I can see people individually, as couples, in small groups.  I have colleagues who can also assist if that is needed.  The service is confidential to the employee and their doctor.

I expect to make a significant difference within four sessions, although chronic issues can require longer.  I will bill you at the end of four sessions, and obtain permission to continue if necessary.  I charge $120 per session for work with employees.

My experience has been that employees return quite quickly to normal range of functioning, which makes their welfare a very worthwhile investment for them and the company.  I have references if you need them.