Counselling Services

Enriching Your Life

The following services help improve general aspects within your daily life.


Harnessing Stress

Things getting on top of you?  Your days are not long enough and things seems to be going wrong?  You are not sleeping well?  You feel anxious much of the time?  Some relationships are not going well?  

I provide stress management, which will include useful strategies for managing stress, including attainable goals, reviewing key relationships, delegation, balanced lifestyle.

More importantly, you will learn about your physiology, and use biofeedback to maintain a calm and peaceful interior amidst the storm.  How to sleep well at night.  How to relax at any time of the day or night.  Also how to visualise and realise your ideal future.

I can assess your character structure and how that impacts on others and how this knowledge might alter your ways of relating.  We can use this to demonstrate how your character will change over time. Therapy with key people in your life may be needed to reduce your stress levels.

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Peak Performance

Want to do better in your sport, your hobby, your work place, your study?  Do you suffer from performance anxiety, test anxiety?

Using biofeedback I can teach you to get into the "zone", where most challenging tasks become easier.  You can overcome performance fears.  Using relaxation and visualisation you can mentally practice your optimum performance, and improve with home practice.  We can assess any features of your character that may work against you achieving your goals.  I can use hypnosis to isolate blocks to improvement and possible solutions to those.

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Enriching Relationships

Do you have a poor relationship with your work colleagues?  Are you or your partner not happy in your partnership?  Do you want to be easier to get to know or get along with?

Biofeedback sessions can teach you to feel positive feelings toward other people.  Both you and you partner may want to learn how to do this.  Learning communication skills, assertiveness and anger management will help. Assessment can further help you to understand how you interact with others. Relaxation and visualisation will help you relax in social situations.

Therapy with key people will help iron out issues preventing good interaction

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