Counselling Services

Leaving Your Past Behind

The following services aid in bringing to a close previous life experiences:


Trauma Recovery

Did you suffer any form of abuse as a child?  Were you part of or or did you witness something traumatic?  Do these things intrude into you life now, preventing full enjoyment of your life?  Does your abuser still have the power to influence what you do, even though the person has long been out of your life?

Have you lost a partner, been rejected, lost a job, been cheated of something you value?  Do you obsess about this feeling anger, sadness, guilt, longing, and do these feeling intrude into your life and interfere with sleep, and daily functioning?

Does food control your life?  Do you do things compulsively and can't stop yourself?  Do you have obsessibe thoughts?

I am proficient in an NLP/hypnosis technique that can provide relief from the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder, and can release people from the chains of all forms of abuse and obsessive thinking that keep them from reaching their potential. This can be effective and brief.  Emotional Freedom Technique further reduces the emotional impact of life events.  It will also be useful to undertake assessment and to learn body regulation and calmness of mind via biofeedback and relaxation/visualisation.

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Addiction Recovery

Do you find yourself having to use more of your favourite substance to get a buzz, do you need to use it to stop feeling unwell, do you spend much of your time and resources obtaining the substance, and do you find that your use is impacting negatively on your life?

These questions can apply equally to gambling, eating disorders, sex addiction, shopping addiction, internet addiction. The paths to addiction are many.  Some have a genetic predisposition, some have suffered a difficult childhood, some have used so  much their body has just got used to it, some use substances to overcome negative feelings in their lives.  No matter what the path, there is a solution. Although addiction to drugs and alcohol can seem very difficult to change, there are effective interventions.  

With a long history of experience in this field, I am able to offer assessment to help determine what underlying issues may exist.  Also I can teach body regulation and calmness of mind via biofeedback and relaxation/visualisation. I can offer counselling to improve your quality of life and your relationships, and education about strategies that can help prevent relapse.  I also offer NLP/hypnosis for trauma recovery.

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